Home Insurance Rocklin, CA

Make a Rock Solid Inventory for Your Rocklin Home Insurance Policy

After a catastrophe hits it is too late to add additional property coverage to your home insurance policy. In Rocklin, when you purchase home insurance, it is crucial that you take the proper inventory of your goods so that if the time comes to make a claim you get what you need to replace your possessions. A thorough inventory also helps you purchase the right amount of insurance when you are looking for home insurance quotes.
Not taking a detailed and descriptive inventory is a common mistake that many people regrettably make. Insurance rates really do not matter if you have not protected yourself completely. A complete home inventory will also help to expedite any claims that you have to make. The list of goods must label each item, how much it is valued at, and a serial number.
Creating the List
The best method of creating your inventory list is to either take clear pictures or videotape every room and the contents in it. Be sure to open all of your drawers and closets. Remember not to forget cupboards and places where you might store some of your goods. Include the items in the garage as well. It is not enough to just take pictures or create a video; you have to prove ownership of the items you want to insure. Also, consider there is a difference between recouping from a total loss or just a few items. In the awful case that this happens, you will know that you have sufficient coverage.
Make sure that you pay special detail to special items such as art, jewelry, and collectibles. Include receipts, credit card statements, and appraisals. This inventory must be updated regularly to add new items or delete ones you no longer own. You have to safeguard your home insurance, which means you have to store it in places that have no chance of being destroyed in the event of a catastrophic loss. A copy should also be stored in a safe place like a bank safe deposit box.
Be Prepared in Advance
This is going to be quite time consuming but in the end it will be worth it. If you have to go through a devastating fire or a home invasion there is no way that you would ever be able to remember all your possessions. The sad truth is that most people do not have a complete list of their possessions and many have absolutely no inventory at all. Without an inventory there is no chance of getting anywhere close to the value of what your possessions are worth.
Whether you opt for replacement cost coverage or actual cash value, you do need to understand what the difference is and what they mean. The actual cash value pays out what you would get if you were to sell your items after depreciation whereas replacement coverage will pay out at the current market place. The latter is the more costly option. These are some of the best ways to get better home insurance quotes