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Protect Your Property, Protect Your Inventory


Every time you leave your shop, office, or other business, there is that worry in the back of your mind that something will happen. You lock the doors, maybe even pull down metal shutters, but anything is possible. Each possibility rolls around in your brain, bringing to mind terrible storms, burglars, arson, and everything else that can destroy your property. Until the next time you can get there, these worries eat at you, and you don’t know how to make them stop. Business insurance can do wonders for these worries, easing them and helping you to get some sleep and enjoy your life whenever you have time away.


More Than a Piece of Property

Location! Location! Location! You’ve heard this several times when deciding to open your business and you decided on Granite Bay, for its proximity to Sacramento as well as the surrounding businesses and clientele. Peterson & Grantham is here to ensure that your livelihood is protected. A business is not just a building or piece of property with some items and furniture inside. It’s not only products and services. It’s customers, employees, and you leading them. You want to provide the best to both sides. You want your customers and employees to feel safe when they are in your place of business.

  • Your business may be interrupted for some reason, and you will worry about paying expenses during the time that you can’t produce revenue. Business interruption insurance can help you pay those expenses so that you don’t lose your place while things are being settled.
  • Theft and vandalism can happen in any town or city, including Granite Bay. You can do the most thorough background checks on your employees and still become a victim of embezzlement. Crime insurance can protect you from these incidents, so you don’t go completely bankrupt in the event that something like this occurs.
  • Nowadays, people try to sue for anything and everything. Lawsuits are bound to pop up in some way or another. Liability insurance keeps your assets and inventory protected so that your business is not subject to the whims of others.


Learn About Business Insurance

Peterson & Grantham’s main website has a lot of information about business insurance that you can browse through before deciding to purchase a policy. If you have questions, you should ask them.

  • You are not an insurance agent. The experts know that and they expect your questions. You shouldn’t be embarrassed about the things that you don’t know. There’s only so much that you can gather from internet research.
  • It’s easy to get roped into a policy that you don’t understand because you are afraid of not being insured. That’s not how it works. The agents at Peterson & Grantham are there to put your mind at ease, not keep you afraid of what may happen.


Get Covered Today

A business insurance policy is easy to begin. Consider the unique needs of your business and write them down. Decide what you want and then call for a free quote. Insurance agents are standing by to help you and get you covered today.

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