Commercial Auto Insurance

Peterson & Grantham Insurance Brokers offers protective insurance coverage for your commercial auto needs. Whether you own a one man ice cream truck, a high volume taxi operation or a contractors business with several commercial vans, we will protect and secure your business assets.

We insure all kinds of commercial vehicles including commercial cars, tow trucks, semi-trucks, dump trucks, business vans and moreā€¦

Commercial Auto Insurance

Taxi Cabs

Commercial or business auto insurance is an important policy for all businesses that require auto use during the course of employment as part of the business activity. Even small businesses that only make infrequent deliveries or in person sales calls need business auto insurance to help cover the company, the employees, the vehicles that are used for business purposes and other company assets.

Every business is different and not all companies use automobiles as part of their regular daily activities. If fact, many businesses may initially feel that they do not need commercial auto insurance coverage because they do not send their employees out in vehicles as a part of normal workday activities.

Business Vans

Despite the frequency or infrequency of auto use in your business, it only takes one incident to cause a problem. For example, if one of your employees uses his personal passenger vehicle to visit with a customer, and that employee is rear ended by an uninsured motorist, your company could be held liable for the repair or replacement of the employee’s car. On the other hand, if the employee rear ends another vehicle and causes bodily injury to the driver or passengers in their car, your company may be sued for the cost of medical care and property damage because the employee was conducting business at the time of the accident.

Business auto insurance covers all types of automobiles that you may use in the course of your business. Delivery vans that a florist uses to deliver flowers, trucks that a catering business transports tables and chairs in, vehicles used to transport work crews and employees to specific job sites are all examples of the types of vehicles that can be protected under your commercial auto insurance policy.

Liability Auto Insurance

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Business auto insurance provides liability coverage for any vehicle that is used for work purposes. Liability insurance helps protect your company from damage and loss claims that might arise if you or one of your employees is involved in and responsible for an auto accident while traveling to, from, or for work related purposes. For example, traveling to a client sales meeting or transporting equipment to your company’s remote work site are examples of the types of travel you or your employees may be conducting for work specific purposes.

Liability business auto insurance covers both property and personal damages and injuries that occur from a work related auto accident. If your employee is in an accident while driving for business purposes, the commercial auto liability coverage will pay for damages inflicted on the other vehicle as well as any injuries to the driver or passengers in the other vehicle. If people are injured and must be taken to the hospital, liability auto coverage helps pay for those expenses.


Your business auto insurance policy normally covers a specific limit of coverage indicated on your insurance policy. If needed, the insurance company will also help you settle legal claims, suits, help conduct investigations and defend your case.

Liability claims are limited to a specific amount of coverage per business auto accident. Depending upon how your specific commercial policy is set up, the insurance may cover all damages per accident regardless of how many vehicles are involved in the incident and regardless of how many claims are brought against your company due to the loss.

Physical Damage coverage

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Business auto insurance helps protect your company from the costs associated with damages and loss of property due to an accident. In other words, if one of your employees is driving the business vehicle and the vehicle is declared a total loss due to an accident, an insurance policy that includes physical Damage Coverage will pay you to replace your vehicle.

Physical damage insurance coverage comes in three separate forms:

  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Loss Due To a Specific Cause
  • Loss Due To Collisions

Like personal auto insurance, comprehensive loss coverage in a commercial auto insurance policy protects your company from any type of loss involving a vehicle, including theft, vandalism and natural disasters.

Loss due to specific causes will cover the cost of a vehicle that your company looses if it is damaged or the loss occurs in specified ways that are indicated on your policy. With this type of coverage, the specific reasons for loss or damage that your insurance policy will cover must be written into the coverage agreement when it is prepared.

Non-Medical Transport

Collision Coverage pays your company for damages that occur when your vehicle is stuck by, or strikes, another object. This coverage also applies if your vehicle is overturned. Collision in this instance does not mean that the vehicle has to be in an accident with another automobile. Instead, collision may include backing into a tree, a property, a pole or a fire hydrant.

Each of the above types of business auto insurance coverage except liability has a deductible that is written into your insurance policy when you first set it up. Policies are custom tailored to your specific business needs. The physical damage portion may include coverage for costs associated with having the vehicle towed, but most of the time both rental and towing coverage must be requested separately and if available the coverage can be added on by the insurance company.

Medical Insurance Coverage

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Medical Coverage is an important part of your overall business auto insurance policy, because it protects your company from the potentially large costs associated with medical care for injured people in an auto accident.

If you or one of your employees is involved in an auto accident while traveling for the purposes of work related duties, everyone involved in the accident may have minor or major injuries that must be cared for by medical professionals. Medical coverage helps pay for health care expenses that are caused due to an accident. Emergency room bills, X-Rays, casts and hospital stays are examples of what this portion of the business auto insurance coverage takes care of for your company.

Medical coverage is not automatically included with a standard business auto insurance policy. Instead, it must be specifically added to the policy at your request. The coverage is normally limited to a specific dollar amount per person involved instead of having a per accident cap.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

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Uninsured motorist coverage is another addition that is prudent for your company to add to its business auto policy, because it is not included automatically. With this coverage addition, your company is covered in the event that an accident happens and the other party involved does not have insurance coverage or their coverage is not enough to pay for all the damages. Without coverage by the party at fault, your business must absorb the costs of repair or replacement for the auto that was involved in the accident. However, if you add uninsured motorist coverage to your policy, your company’s business auto insurance policy will cover those necessary expenses.


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