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Dog Bite Liability & Home Owner Insurance RatesTuesday, October 25th, 2011

Owning a dog can affect the rate of the premium you have to pay for insurance. It also depends on the type of dog you have. For example, a pet poodle may not make any difference in the insurance policy, but a larger dog, such as a German Shepherd or a Doberman, may cause a significant rise because of the possibility that a guest in your home might get bitten. It doesn’t matter if the guest aggravated the dog or not. Any injury to anyone on your property is your responsibility. You should look into having dog bite liability included in the policy because if you do not reveal that you have a large dog, the company could refuse to pay the medical bills that a court case will force you to pay.

The insurance industry reports that there are increases in the amounts paid out due to dog bites. If you own a dog, you have a responsibility to ensure that it is properly trained and avoid situations where the dog may bite someone. If the animal doesn’t like strangers, you should have a room where you can keep it when you have company. If your dog does bit someone, you could be faced with huge increases in your premiums and even cancellation of your policy. (content from

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