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Home Insurance CompanyThursday, May 23rd, 2013

What to look for when choosing a home insurance company? There are many insurance carriers when looking for homeowners insurance in Roseville or throughout California to protect your home from a loss or a catastrophic event. Yes, it’s a fact that the chances your home burning down is very low, but home insurance claims are very common these days. Be careful not to turn in small claims under $2,500 as you might have a hard time getting insurance if you have multiple claims over a 3 year period.

When choosing a home insurance company not all policies or companies are created equal. First of all, you want to make sure the company who is writing the insurance actually writes the home insurance themselves. Meaning they don’t just broker it out to some carrier they have a contract with. With is common with non-standard carriers who do auto insurance like Progressive, Geico, Allstate, and a few others.

First things first, make sure your dwelling coverage and deductible are similar to what you have now and that a new carrier is not dropping your coverage or increasing your deductible to be competitive. Also, in this market the dwelling coverage or the cost to rebuild tents to be higher than the purchase price. This is due to extremely high labor and material costs.

A few other coverage’s that are important that might not be on your declaration page of standard coverage’s but are very important are Ordinance of Law or Building Code Upgrades, Water Sewer Back Up, and Replacement cost on Personal Property. When it comes to these coverage’s you want to have the following:

  1. Ordinance of Law or Building Code Upgrades – 25% or higher of your dwelling coverage
  2. Water Sewer Back Up – minimum of $5,000
  3. Replacement cost on Personal Property – Standard Endorsement

By adding or increasing these coverage’s you will insure that you have the coverage needed during a loss. Also, if your carrier has an option for an HO-5, you should up grade your policy as it provides better coverage when it comes to losses.


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Homeowners Surviving Severe Cold WeatherWednesday, October 26th, 2011

There are ways that you can survive cold weather without incurring any damage to your property or having any suits brought against you for injuries sustained to anyone on your property. You should always ensure that your walkways and the sidewalks in front of your home are free of ice and snow. If necessary you should spread salt to break up the ice to keep it from being slippery. Clean out the gutters and make sure there is no ice or debris that could cause them to block up and cause water to seep into the home. Always make sure that your pipes are well insulated for the cold winter months to keep them from freezing. When they thaw they can burst causing a lot of water damage and therefore a claim on your insurance, in addition to the inconvenience.

If you use a fireplace or a wood stove, make sure that you have the chimney cleaned out before you start to use it each year. Close off the flue in the fireplace when you are not using it. If you have to leave home during the winter months, always have a neighbor who can make regular checks to ensure that everything is fine inside the home. (content from

Dog Bite Liability & Home Owner Insurance RatesTuesday, October 25th, 2011

Owning a dog can affect the rate of the premium you have to pay for insurance. It also depends on the type of dog you have. For example, a pet poodle may not make any difference in the insurance policy, but a larger dog, such as a German Shepherd or a Doberman, may cause a significant rise because of the possibility that a guest in your home might get bitten. It doesn’t matter if the guest aggravated the dog or not. Any injury to anyone on your property is your responsibility. You should look into having dog bite liability included in the policy because if you do not reveal that you have a large dog, the company could refuse to pay the medical bills that a court case will force you to pay.

The insurance industry reports that there are increases in the amounts paid out due to dog bites. If you own a dog, you have a responsibility to ensure that it is properly trained and avoid situations where the dog may bite someone. If the animal doesn’t like strangers, you should have a room where you can keep it when you have company. If your dog does bit someone, you could be faced with huge increases in your premiums and even cancellation of your policy. (content from

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