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Home Insurance CompanyThursday, May 23rd, 2013

What to look for when choosing a home insurance company? There are many insurance carriers when looking for homeowners insurance in Roseville or throughout California to protect your home from a loss or a catastrophic event. Yes, it’s a fact that the chances your home burning down is very low, but home insurance claims are very common these days. Be careful not to turn in small claims under $2,500 as you might have a hard time getting insurance if you have multiple claims over a 3 year period.

When choosing a home insurance company not all policies or companies are created equal. First of all, you want to make sure the company who is writing the insurance actually writes the home insurance themselves. Meaning they don’t just broker it out to some carrier they have a contract with. With is common with non-standard carriers who do auto insurance like Progressive, Geico, Allstate, and a few others.

First things first, make sure your dwelling coverage and deductible are similar to what you have now and that a new carrier is not dropping your coverage or increasing your deductible to be competitive. Also, in this market the dwelling coverage or the cost to rebuild tents to be higher than the purchase price. This is due to extremely high labor and material costs.

A few other coverage’s that are important that might not be on your declaration page of standard coverage’s but are very important are Ordinance of Law or Building Code Upgrades, Water Sewer Back Up, and Replacement cost on Personal Property. When it comes to these coverage’s you want to have the following:

  1. Ordinance of Law or Building Code Upgrades – 25% or higher of your dwelling coverage
  2. Water Sewer Back Up – minimum of $5,000
  3. Replacement cost on Personal Property – Standard Endorsement

By adding or increasing these coverage’s you will insure that you have the coverage needed during a loss. Also, if your carrier has an option for an HO-5, you should up grade your policy as it provides better coverage when it comes to losses.


Curtis Peterson

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Homeowners Insurance Roseville, CATuesday, May 7th, 2013

Thank you for taking a few minutes to read some basic
information regarding homeowners insurance. My name is Curtis Peterson and I’m
the owner of the agency Peterson & Grantham Insurance Brokers in Roseville,

I speak to about 20-30 potential clients each week regarding
quotes for their homeowners insurance in the Roseville, CA area. About 30% of
the people I speak to are in the process of purchasing a home and need homeowners
insurance for the financing of their home. The other 70% of clients already own
their homes and are looking to lower the cost of their homeowners insurance in
Roseville and the surrounding areas.

For the potential clients what are just looking to lower the
cost of their homeowners insurance I’m seeing a common theme which is about 80%
of clients I speaking to are underinsured on their homeowners insurance in
Roseville and the outlined areas.

There are a couple of reasons I believe these clients are
currently underinsured.  First of all,
the majority of insurance carriers these days don’t actually write the
homeowners insurance themselves. A lot of the big names you see these days
advertising auto insurance on TV don’t write home insurance in Roseville or
anywhere in California. These carriers are only interested in the auto
insurance and broker the homeowners insurance out to some no name company that
is usually not a the option. The majority of consumers are thinking they are
purchasing homeowners insurance from the same company who writes their auto
insurance, when in fact they have zero part in protecting the client if
something happens to the home. Many of these third party companies your auto
insurance carrier is writing your homeowners insurance with are not local and
don’t even have offices in Roseville or anywhere in California.

To make things worse your homeowners “dwelling coverage” is
usually 25% to 40% underinsured. This means if you have a complete loss you
will be unable to rebuild your home! On top of your homeowner’s insurance
policy providing inadequate coverage, the premium associated of this coverage
is usually 40% higher than our competing carriers which are (Mercury,
Allied, Travelers, Hartford, Kemper, CIG, CSE, Chubb, Fidelity, Fireman’s Fund,
MetLife, Foremost, and Safeco).

If you are like me you should be thinking, I’m getting less coverage and paying a 40%
higher premium and the company my homeowners insurance with is going to nickel and
dime me on every claim and try to deny any claim I have on my homeowners

To wrap things up, why are these fly by night homeowners insurance carriers providing
so much less coverage for a higher premium? First of all, your auto insurance
company that is brokering your homeowners insurance to them wants to make money
on the deal as well and they company writing the business what’s to make their
home. Yes, too many hands in the pot. Also, could you imagine if they actually
insurance you correctly the premium would sky rocket even higher then you are paying
now! So, they underinsure you to bring down the cost and to give them a chance
at writing your business.
Peterson& Grantham Insurance Brokers



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Curtis Peterson & Team Leading Full Service Insurance Brokerage in Roseville CaliforniaMonday, November 21st, 2011

PETERSON AND GRANTHAM INSURANCE BROKERS Strategic Insurance Policy Building to Protect You and Your Loved Ones

Peterson and Grantham Insurance Brokers is one of the leading full service insurance brokerages in Northern California.  Peterson and Grantham have relationships with over 40 carriers and house a staff of 8 agents.  Peterson and Grantham Insurance provide a comprehensive line of personal and commercial insurance policies.  The priority is to meet the specific insurance needs of every client.  Every policy is built based on those needs. Their goal is to offer policy’s that protect more than just your assets. Your policy will protect you and your loved ones.

“I have met a lot of insurance professionals in my time and none of them can compare to the level of quality customer service and professionalism that PNG Insurance offers. Do to that fact, they will continue to have my business for life.” Robert Black, CEO and Co-founder, Nu Digital Media.

A highly educated individual, Mr. Peterson earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Finance from the prestigious California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo, CA.  He spent 6 years in the mortgage industry before deciding to transition into the insurance industry.  While building his career as a mortgage broker, Mr. Peterson recognized a need for homeowners to be protected from the tumultuous real estate and lending markets.  As a family man, Mr. Peterson realized the importance of shielding your family and your home from the unexpected consequences of mother-nature as well and human nature.

Curtis Peterson and Arrow Grantham formed their partnership and in 2008 Peterson and Grantham Insurance was established.  Since their inception, P&G Insurance has grown to offer over 24 different types of insurance policies. Seeing a need in every aspect of a person’s life, they rigorously sought out the top insurance agencies across the state. It was imperative, to both Mr. Peterson and Mr. Grantham, that P&G Insurance would offer only the best of the best.  Whether a client requires coverage on their watercraft, or protection for their business from unexpected theft, P&G has a policy they can rely on.

Peterson and Grantham Insurance Brokers understand the ever changing and complex lifestyles of their clients. The need to protect you is greater now than ever before.  In addition to the extensive list of products listed on their website, they also offer a useful blog to keep you informed of ways to prevent accidents in your home and office, as well as protect yourself against unforeseen situations.  You can find out more about their full service menu and their blog by visiting their website at

For additional information contact Peterson & Grantham Insurance Brokerage at (800) 652-0557.

Protect Your House from MoldMonday, October 31st, 2011

Mold growth is often the result of water damage and infiltration of moisture. In order to protect your house from mold you should do everything to can to eliminate moisture in the home. This means that you should seal any windows and door that allow moisture to seep in. Sometimes water seeps in through cracks in the basement and then mold builds up. You should always keep the basement floor dry and the walls well insulated. If you discover mold, you should take immediate steps to remove it in order to keep your home free of damage.

The basement is often an easy target for mold to develop. You should make sure that there are no leaks and use good insulation for the walls. (content from

Swimming Pools Safety Tips to Consider for HomeownersSaturday, October 29th, 2011

One of the main things about practicing pool safety is to never leave children unattended in or around the pool. In order to keep people from using the pool when you are not around, you should have a high fence around it, so that no unauthorized people can get in and use the pool. You also have to make sure that the gates latch on the inside. Even if someone uses your pool without your permission and an accident happens, you can be held liable because it was not properly secured.

Make sure that a professional installs the pool so that it complies with safety standards. Do not rely too heavily on flotation devices when you have guests that are not swimmers and make sure there are no toys floating on the surface when there are small children around. The toys can attract them to try to reach for them and accidentally fall into the water. When the pool is not in use you should have a cover over it so that no one can accidentally slip and fall into the pool. Always store the chemicals you have for the pool in a safe area, away from children. (content from